The running joke among conservatives is that it’s always Obama’s fault whenever something goes wrong which is obviously not true. However, there is one issue for which Obama must take full responsibility. What is it?

More than any other President in recent history Barack Obama has emboldened an already out of control Federal Bureacracy in their quest to control Americans lives. This is particularly dangerous because burecrats are unelected, unaccountable and therefore unafraid to upbraid law abiding citizens with their hall-monitor egos.

Moreover, once entrenched within the bureacracy they are difficult to remove being attracted to the middle-class salaries, lack of pressure, great benefits and Union protections.

If you think lifetime politicians are a danger to our future you haven’t seen anything yet. For instance, the average federal employee’s tenure lasts fourteen years while congressman serve nine years on average.

That’s an average of five years more than the people we actually choose to represent us. This gives federal employees time to learn and rig the system in their favor and to lord over their particular constituency.

Special Agenda

In addition, federal employees have an ax to grind. Think about it; Park Rangers become Park Rangers because they have a penchant for wildlife and open-space. Therefore, They are more likely to prefer the preservation of open-space and their own jobs over development.

This means when they’re relied upon to make recommendations to policy makers (elected officials) they are more likely to favor one side of the issue over the other.

In turn, uninformed policy makers who allow themselves to be pushed around by bureaucrats cave to their demands. I’ve seen this happen first-hand as a former staffer to an elected official. And I’m not saying I favor development over open-space. Not by a long shot. It’s just an example.

These federal bureaucrats are the greatest danger to the future of the United States and they must be reigned in ASAP!


Calling Them Out

A few examples of federal departments that have run amock of States and invidivuals rights include the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Buruea of Land Management (BLM), Department of Education (DOE) and Deparment of Justice (DOJ).

These bureaucracies alone have wreaked havoc on land owners and farmers, crimilized conservative non-profit organizations, caused a racial divide not seen in this country since the civil rights period and are single handedly destroying public education through centralization; most notably the implementation of Common Core and now the genderless bathrooms and locker rooms doctrine handed down by Obama himself.

It’s Not Too Late

The next POTUS and Congress must prioritize gutting the bureaucracy and streamlining federal service delivery by conducting comprehensive independent audits of each department starting with the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Budget
  • Culture
  • Service Delivery Performance

Sweeping Change

Based on the results, sweeping changes must be made including consolidation and realignment of the bureaucracy to include accountability for failure to meet the expectations established by the independent auditors and congress. Without accountability audits mean nothing.

I know what you’re thinking. The bureaucracy is too big and we have other pressing matters as a nation such as terrorism, immigration and the economy.

I agree that we are facing many challenges on different fronts but this is the single most important issue at hand.

We Need Leadership

Changing the way government works will not be easy. The Unions will resist, the media will crucify proponents and liberal Democrats will kick and scream like two-year olds.

That’s why we need the right leadership who will stay focused and be patient throughout the process. It’s our only hope to survive as a nation.

Private Matters

There must also be a plan to engage the private sector in the areas they can provide better, cheaper services. Let’s face it, big government isn’t the most efficient engine.

Vote For America

Therefore, no matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican you must vote for the candidate that is best equipped and focused on streamlining the Federal government and protecting us from the bureaucratic pack of wolves who are tearing our nation apart.

This must happen if we are going to stay free.

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