Sin, The Law & The Curse

Every individual in this world is born under the curse of sin. We all inherit this curse from our earthly parents Adam & Eve as the result of their disobedience toward God in the garden of Eden. In response, God, the creator of all things, revealed the Law (Ten Commandments) as the perfect moral standard by which all sin will be judged.

God’s Law states that everyone who fails to keep it perfectly, upon physical death, will live eternally in hell which is a literal place where there is only unceasing pain and suffering. And just in case you were wondering, no one can keep God’s law perfectly. Yes, we have all sinned and fall short of God’s perfect standard.

The Good News

But because God loves us so much He sent his only Son Jesus Christ to live a perfect life thus fulfilling the perfect law of God. As such, He alone paid the penalty for our sin through His death by crucifixion on a cross and proved He was the Son of God by rising from the dead on the third day.

Indeed Jesus did rise from the dead and was seen by hundreds of people for a period of 40 days. Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates that His sacrifice was accepted by the Father on our behalf.


Therefore ALL who place their faith in Jesus Christ as the only Son of God will be saved from an eternity in hell and instead receive the forgiveness of sin and an eternal inheritance in the Kingdom of God. Those who receive this gift will also receive God’s eternal peace, hope and love.


Repentance literally means a change of mind. In biblical terms repentance means a change of mind that results in a change in the direction of one’s life. For instance, a person who has repented of their sin has denounced their old way of living and determined to live a life following Christ. It’s important to note that repentance is preceded by a deep sense of one’s sin, granted by the grace of God and aided by the Holy Spirit.

Child of God

Quality of life as a child of God far exceeds the former life but that doesn’t mean that we will not experience pain and suffering here on earth. The primary difference is that now we rely on God’s love and grace to protect and comfort us during trials.

What Now?

Being a Christian is not easy by any means but growing in our faith is simple. God has provided the following means by which we may grow in His grace day by day until we see Him face to face.

The Bible

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is our privilege to read it daily. God’s Word is the nourishment that promotes spiritual growth as we become mature and productive members of God’s church.


Prayer is simply talking with God. Whether we praise Him or make requests of Him, God is always available to listen and speak to us. Prayer is more for us than it is for God as He knows our circumstances before we come to Him. Though God has never changed His mind, prayer can change the circumstances of our lives if it be according to His will.


Surrounding ourselves with mature believers in Jesus helps us grow in our faith as we are encouraged through the various ministerial gifts given to men and women by God. Also, when we are engaged in healthy relationships we are less likely to return to the temptations of our past and be led astray by false teachers.

Sharing Our Faith

Sharing our faith is a bit frightening at first but it is also very rewarding as God uses us to lead others to salvation in Jesus Christ.

How Do I Receive God’s Forgiveness?

To receive God’s forgiveness a person must place their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, accepting His payment for their sin on the cross of Calvary. In case you’re wondering you cannot earn God’s forgiveness, you can only receive it by faith as a free gift.

Receive God’s Forgiveness Now!

If you’re ready to receive God’s forgiveness for your sin and become a new creation it is because God has prepared you through His Holy Spirit.

Therefore, now simply confess that you are a sinner believing that Jesus, the sinless Son of God who lived on this earth, paid the penalty for your sin and rose from the dead on the third day.

Real faith results in God’s grace instantaneously forgiving you of all your sins, past, present and future. It is common to literally feel the physical weight of years of guilt and shame removed from your life once and for all. You are now child of God!

If you have a desire to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ please contact us so that we may encourage you in your faith and help you find a church fellowship that will help you grow and mature.