Kisha was sitting by herself on a short wall outside her apartment complex. The street was quiet, the breeze was warm and you could hear the birds chirping.

Not wanting to startle her I slowly approached making sure she could see me. I introduced myself and asked if I could sit down next to her. She said, “Yes.”

It became obvious as I spoke with her that not only was Kisha alone but she was lonely. I could tell because she was happy to have the company and though reserved, she was also active in our discussion.

Plenty of Time

This was one of those opportunities where there was no need to speed through my rehearsed testimony or Bible verses. I could calmly and casually discuss the most important topic two people can discuss – life, death, grace and peace with God.

I sat there with Kisha for a good twenty minutes sharing, listening and praying. I wanted her to reach out, break down and admit her need for Jesus. Well, there was none of that, not then any way.

When I had finished praying for her, I gave her a Gospel of John tract. When she received it, she said with a sincere voice, “I will read it.” – I believed her.

Please join me in praying that Kisha does read the Gospel of John and that the Grace of God will penetrate deep within her soul and that she will be lonely no more.


I want to add value and one of the ways I believe I can do that is by sharing the things I’ve learned.

Therefore, I created the Twitter handle @EvangelismXL and corresponding hashtag #EvangelismXL. If you’re on Twitter, please follow right now.

My goal is to tweet at least one tip daily. Some will be on how to share, some what to share and some very practical in nature like the example below.

Tip #6 👉🏻 Socks 🧦 are the most requested item by the homeless. You can buy them in bulk at Dollar Days Next time you’re sharing the #GoodNews on the streets remember to bring a few pairs with you to bless a homeless neighbor. #EvangelismXL

— EvangelismXL (@EvangelismXL) September 4, 2018

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