Sometimes I forget the weight of the Gospel. The whole matter is heavy; dealing with life, death and ultimately the loss of self.

A few weeks ago while walking the streets I noticed a few young men shooting a skateboarding video. Since they were busy, I walked past them but then returned when I saw them take a break.

I engaged in some small talk and then began to share my testimony and then the Gospel.

Of the three, one walked away, the other kept busy while listening and the third man said something that caught me off guard.

Not Now

While becoming obviously agitated he said pleadingly, “You’re talking to the wrong person, I’m just not ready to talk about these things.”

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Get Involved

Wow, I was speechless! How was I supposed to respond?

I quickly tried to stammer out a rebuttal but stopped myself. Disappointed, I said, “okay,” set down a Gospel of John near their gear and walked away.

The Hound of Heaven

I stopped after just a few steps, took off my hat and prayed for all three young men, trusting the Holy Spirit to do the work.

John writes in The Gospel of John 15:8,

And when he (The Holy Spirit) comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment.

Peace In Trust

I have learned to have peace in times of evangelistic disappointment knowing that it’s the Holy Spirit’s role to convict the sinner and lead them to faith and repentance.

Evangelism is never about techniques and tactics but always about God’s timing, purpose and effectual calling.

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